Type drop-shadow "spread" workaround

I’ve been frustrated because, when trying to make a drop shadow on type, I can’t get the shadow to spread wide enough to accomplish what I want to do (in this case, enhance the readability of type against an uneven background.) So here’s what I did:

  1. Made a copy of the type in question.
  2. Colored it black (or whatever dark color will work for your purposes).
  3. Set pass-through at 100% and color density at 100%
  4. Went to “effects” and apply “blur”
  5. Set “blur” to 70 (you can play around with that number to see what works best for you)
  6. I placed the blurred layer behind the type layer.
  7. I wanted an even denser blur, so I duplicated the blur layer and place it behind the first blur layer.
  8. I would imagine that for a less dense blur, rather than duplicating the blur, play with the Fill and/or Pass-through percentages on the original (single) blur.

The big question – and I haven’t tested it yet – is whether, on a responsive site, the blur layer will resize itself and stay properly “attached” to the type layer when the browser is resized.

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