Type details not showing in Text style

Hello, Since the last update I have a problem, the panel of “Type details” in “Edit style” is not showing when I click on the “…”. So I can’t change the uppercase of my style by example.

If I want to do the same in the Text panel which is not a Style, it’s work.

This problem is on the browser and the app version, I have testing it on different computer and it always the same.

Do you have this problem too ?

Thank you


I have the same problem. Pretty sure it’s a bug from the last update 'cause i didn’t have this problem before it. Hopefully they will fix that soon

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Same issue here!

Exactly same problem. It’s the same in both desktop app and web based version.
Can’t edit type details for any text style in any project I tried.

Same for me (clicking three dots doesn’t open type details panel). I also saw in dev tools that they are still emitting a “Type Details Panel Opened” event to segment and internal monitoring, so they think it opened for us…

Anyone know another way to get to this panel besides the 3 dots?

Note that this was only broken for me when editing a text style. It worked fine when I was directly editing a text object.

I am having the same issues, I need to change the details of a global text style and they are not available. It just closes the box.

Not only the ‘…’ button doesn’t work, but also variable text weights become unreachable.

I’ve got a temporary solution though: I detached the text from the style, then named that text layer the same way as the existing style I wanted to edit, and applied the ‘Styler’ plugin (Styler — Generate) with the layer selected. It helps to update the style.

Same issue, clicking the 3 dots closes the control for style editing. And I also can’t see the control for spacing of list items when using a variable font.

Same issue here, cannot edit font style once I click on 3 dots,the popup disappears… ?

Yep, I’m having this problem too

Same problem here!

Also having the same issue here

Solution : I just found out that the problem is not present on the beta version! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m facing this problem too!

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