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Two different values for my color when I look in Inspect

I am using Figma to create a prototype for a development team. When I inspect the elements (see the image) that have my main-red color (LightMode/Text/RedText) then I see the current color code at the color proporties (#F6384C) but in the code section, I see the color I used before this one (I changed the color recently) in the CSS code (#F7384C). If I click on the line icon next to the <> I also see the current value (#F6384C). So there seems to be something wrong with the CSS code that is being generated. For the other colors that I used, there is no such problem.

Can someone help me solve this? So the dev team will get the right css code.

Thanks in advance, Jip

Hi @Jip_Asveld1, does reloading the design file tab help you?

Unfortunately not. I also tried completely restarting the app, but it still gives me the different values.

Contact support with a detailed description of the problem, also attaching screenshots and a link to the file.

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