Turn Off Notification Message (in bottom right corner)

We have an enterprise install that has hundreds of component libraries. They are updated continuously such that the “Component Update Notification” pops up continuously - 10s of time per hour. It is incredibly annoying and disrupts discussions and presentations continually.

Please! Please add the ability to disable this notification and allow me to manually check periodically within the Libraries dialog. These updates are not urgent, I don’t need a spammy popup appearing constantly that I have to dismiss tens of times per hour.



Apologies if this question has already been posted, I searched but didn’t find anything.

Is it possible to disable the notification in the bottom right corner of the screen that tells you libraries, etc have been updated? I work in large org with many different teams using Figma who don’t interact with each other. That notification is a real nuisance because OF COURSE stuff is constantly changing, I end up accidentally clicking it when it pops up again seconds after I’ve closed it to access the menu, or demo something, or otherwise try to do normal work within files.

Hi, thank for your feedback! While this isn’t something that can be done on the platform just yet, we will pass along to our team for consideration.
Others in the community have requested something similar here: Turn Off Notification Message (in bottom right corner). Feel also free to vote. I merged your post, so we can track the overall interest from the community! Thank you


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