Turn figma more into a jira like system

A lot of times we screenshot a design on figma, paste it into a jira ticket. Then inside that Jira ticket we describe the feature, and keep track of it’s progress there.

It would be really nice to attach the requirements (or more) inside of Figma.

  • Be able to designate if a screen is completed on a particular platform (android, web, ios etc.)
  • add notes, description, priority, success criteria, etc.
  • be able to assign tasks to people besides just designers. It would be helpful to assign a component to a developer, a pm, or other.

err, maybe not more like a jira like system, just add some helpful features.

Why you are creating screenshost and not just embed Figma frames directly in Jira tickets? No need for screenshots.

Check out the Figma Help section - Jira and Figma

There you can read more about Jira integrations and workflows.

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