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Triple click image to edit Fill Settings Such as Crop

I am starting to use figma more and more over Adobe CS.

Regarding image editing (Particularly Cropping) it would be nice to be able to do that straight in the WYSIWIG.

Think indesign: White Arrow to move image within crop, black arrow to move image box.

At the moment I have to double click on the image asset, then drag over to the right side bar and then find the Fill Image button.

Furthermore, If the image is on Fill then I change it to Crop and it happens to be the same size as the artboard/frame I can’t really grab the edges of the image as it tries to change the crop box instead of the image itself.

Over all it just feels a little clunky, when all I want to do is change the position of the image in the layout a little.

I understand that Figma is a digital tool and that you want to retain the responsive attributes, but also sometimes you just want to see what the image will look like in your layout and would be handy to have easier image editing abilities with a couple of clicks.

Fastest solution is add a triple click to open Fill Options. But I think also you could improve on this whole subject generally. Illustrator does it ok, and indesign I think does it best.

Thanks for the suggestion @David_Cuesta.
Just in case you weren’t aware of this shortcut, if you hold down option + double-click the bounding box of the image it will take you directly into the crop mode.


Was not aware. Helpful thanks. Guess I am going to have to retrain my hand.

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The thing where if your image is the same size as the crop still is an issue. Shall I put that on a separate thread. Or maybe there is some magic shortcut for swapping between crop boundary and scale boundary.

I think still my general point holds. For example shortcuts for Crop/Fill/Centre would be useful. Like in indesign. I mean defo Option Double click resolves the main issue, but it just feels like image cropping is an afterthought. I also thought about putting a thread about having the option to link to files on my server.

For example I just had to photoshop something out of an image and it would be nice to be able to find the source image and edit that in photoshop. Unless I’m missing something that already does that.

There is no snapping Either when I am in crop mode so sometimes I have to really zoom in to make sure I don’t leave a sliver of white.