Transparent sections in Figjam

I need to be able to see what’s beneath a section. Would be great if I could set a section’s “color = transparent”. And/or change what happens when I “Hide” the section: show what is beneath that section.

Example of what I’m hoping to do: Use a 2x2 board to collaboratively rank work we’re considering. I’d like to be able to select stickies and set them as a section (can do this now), but then hide that section if I want to focus on the other work that’s not in that section. Like “What remains if we ‘hide’ the stuff in section A?” (need to be able to hide the section and then see all the remaining non-section’ed stickies to do this).

And if the section is not hidden, I still need the ability to see stickies “beneath” that section to compare them to what is in the section. Like “ok, how do all the other things we’re considering stack up against section A?” (need to see both the section and the other stickies to do this).

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