Track visited flow entry points

If you have 2 flow entry points in a page, nothing stops you from connecting those 2 flows together, meaning at the end of flow A, the next interaction goes to the first frame of flow B.

Entry point A > frame > frame > frame… > Entry point B > frame > frame…

At runtime if you select Entry point A, in the flow list it gets a checkmark, meaning you are entering flow A. You follow your steps in sequence, and at some point reach Entry point B.
When that happens I would expect the checkmark to move to Entry point B (as a useful indication that you’re now in flow B). But checkmark stays where you started…

Using the checkmark as way track navigation among the connected flows would help users track in which flow they are, even when they were simply led to the flow (i.e. they haven’t deliberately chosen to start that flow).

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