Touchpad Issues with Windows (Browser & App)

Hey Figma Team,

There’s an issue with how Figma interprets diagonal inputs from Windows Touchpads when zoomed into a page at 40% or greater.

At a zoom of 40% or greater, Figma rejects any diagonal touchpad input and instead locks that movement to either horizontal or vertical movement, unless the touchpad input begins with some sort of rotational movement.

For example, at a zoom of 40% or greater, in order to diagonally pan the screen on a windows device using Windows Precision Drivers, you must first begin your touchpad movement with a swirl (either clockwise or counterclockwise) before you are able to use diagonal movement. One you remove your fingers from the touchpad, this action is reset and therefore must be done every time a diagonal movement is required.

This has been the case since at least May 2022 when I began using Figma on Windows laptops, and is not the case on MacOS as this was not an issue on my M1 MBP.

Please let me know if the team can recreate this issue, and if so, when they can address this.


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