Total paid seats today

Good morning, I hope you are well

I don’t know how the team manager thing works. It appears that I have in Total paid seats today 1 Design, 1 FigJam, I checked and I don’t have any FigJam on my work team.

Could you help me solve that, I really don’t understand how to prevent them from charging me for something that is not on my work equipment.

Good morning @Wendy_Balcazar, Thank you for reaching out about this.

We’d love to help you directly with this billing matter, but due to security and confidentiality concerns, we’re unable to assist directly here.

I see that you’ve already submitted a ticket (#1022340) – thank you for taking that initiative. Our support team is on it and will be in touch. We appreciate your patience as they work to assist this issue.

Thanks for your understanding.