Toolbar (Design) Position annoying :(

Hey Guys,

I started 3 days ago with Figma and I really love this tool. It was very easy for me to built UX Design with it.

I din´t use any other software like sketch oder XD before. Just started a UX Course and Figma is such a great software!

But one point as a designer is really annoying: For Design changes you always have to scroll on the right side and always have to search your items every time you want to change. I would love it, if you are going to change the position of this “Toolbar” from the right side to the top.

You can bring the header Info to the right instead maybe? Because its soooo annoying, if you ALWAYS have to scroll und search for the color/type/etc. If this would be on the top, there would be more space beacause its more wide and you don´t have to scroll!

Thank you so much for taking my feedback to heart!

Love from München (Germany),


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