Too many varibles - Designs systems

In the middle of creating a design system and implementing tokens aka variables for the first time. I do like the flexibility of having themes and consistency this will provide. I have 3 levels of tokens. Base, Common and Components.
I was getting questions if its worth having tokens for every component?
Wanted to see if its normal to have hundreds/thousands of tokens and would devs hate it?

I haven’t even started to use variables yet, I haven’t found a use case for it. We have a session booked in this week to discuss as a team of 2 people as we don’t have the design resource, but looking at the amount of work we will have to do it’s like do we just keep with styles?

We don’t currently have a design system per say, due to resource and having the time to create it, so we have decided to use a third party plug in Chakra UI and implement that as our design system as it will speed up productivity and we only have to build custom components. Chakra has tokens already built in so we shouldn’t have to mess around that much. As for variables I just don’t know how we will utilise it…