Too easy to remove all interactions

Already been in a situation several times when instead of removing all interactions from one frame I accidentally removed all interactions on my whole page because that exact frame wasn’t chosen. I noticed that after hour of work when I had to go back to the prototype – but it’s gone! No Cmd+Z will help anymore – the only way is to restore a version and say goodbye to the last hour of work.

During the work process, especially when you work fast that’s quite easy to make a misclick and unselect the frame. But the cost of mistake is just too big. The difference in wording (“Remove interactions” vs. “Remove all interactions”) doesn’t do much – that “all” can as well mean “all in in this frame” plus you don’t really notice the difference while working.

Please make some kind of a confirmation “Do you want to remove all interactions in your prototype”? Or place this action in the right panel, not in the right-click menu. Whatever makes it a bit more difficult to achieve it will help. Thanks.


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