Token Caching and Editor Access Issues

While updating tokens, we’ve run into several strange behaviors.

First, while consuming new changes to a single color token in a design file (completely up to date with libraries at this point) the frame will cache the old color token value and refuses to update to the new value. It gives a screen that looks like this with the old value inside:

This behavior is not consistent however, as in the evening we were able to trigger the token change to the expected value of #F5F5F5, but in the morning upon reviewing again, it reverts back to the old value which is #ECECEC.

While digging into why this is, our team noticed another issue: one editor sees a different view of the tokens in the publishing area versus another regarding the problem token. Meaning, while I am trying to update this token I do not see it in the publishing area however my colleague is able to see the changed token and is able to push the change. This is causing some confusion with our designers, as you can imagine and also some confusion for our Design System team as well. Would anyone be able to assist us with this bug?

I just observed the same issue. After the Nth time checking the values, one token finally updated when I closed the View Style menu.

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