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Toggle color saturation on/off?

I want to be able to design in greyscale, but quickly switch back and forth between greyscale and full color. Right now, I’m going through every one of my color styles and adding a second fill layer on top of it that’s the same color fully desaturated. This works, but it means I have to individually select every color and toggle the visibility on/off. Is there a global way to do this, or a plugin maybe? Does Figma have macros I can get to do this?

Easiest way I know of to do this is to set the Layer mode of the top level frame to “Luminosity”:

Normal (pass through):

Setting the top-level frame layer mode:


Note that the colours in the selection are still saturated though - don’t know if this is a problem for what you’re trying to do. I’ll often use this trick as a quick, rough contrast/visual balance check for a screen though.

PS: you could try a theming plugin, set with your normal colourscheme and a grayscale one. That might work as well (don’t really know, I’ve never used one).

Perfect! I don’t know the blend modes that well, but I had a feeling there was a trick. That’s exactly what I needed, thanks!

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