Tips for combining product designs + brand design?

I’m a brand designer at a software company so a lot of my job is to use product designs in stylized ways and at varying sizes (for example, inline images in blog posts, social media, etc). I’ve created a library of elements I need to make the product screens consistent with styles/components for things like device mockups, shadows, buttons, photography, and typography.

I recognize that my use case isn’t exactly what Figma was designed for but I’m wondering if anyone else uses it in this way and if you have any tips to maintain visual consistency and sanity. The styles are great until I need to do something like scale down a product screen to fit our blog post image dimensions. In that case, the styling mostly breaks and I’m left with an image that’s difficult to reuse. I’ve searched for answers quite a few times but I haven’t found many resources that could help with this particular situation. Thanks for your help!