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This year's Figma April fools easter eggs is a variety of bullet point design if you type in "•"

If you type in , it will create a random list of bullet points with the same theme!!

Screenshot 2021-04-01 at 10.11.52|561x499

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I couldn’t get regular bullets to show up. I guess Figma still thought it was April 1. Quitting and relaunching replaced my emoji bullets with standard.

Main menu ⟩ View ⟩ Show fun list emojis.

You changed bullets to emojis. I didnt know what day it is because I’ve been working from home for a year and I am just keeping myself together by getting work done. An hour of anxiety spent trying to figure out which plugin or product feature I turned on to change all my bulleted lists to random emojis. No clear way in app to fix this. Coworkers suggest I restart app and problem solved.

I really suggest you do not do this ever again. You might think its cute or funny but it caused anxiety and panic in someone who was just trying to get their job done.

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