Third party support for XAML plugins exporting etc needs to be improved

It seems all the exporting tool using Figma to XAML are substandard. Not going to name names but they all seem to use the same code base that some one has made public and do things like call a TextBox or a Canvas from 2006 XAML when they should be using other 2014 and 2009 XAML. I have searched everywhere asked questions on Microsoft forums (they tell you to ask here and other places) but it seems like the Market for 3rd party XAML support is tied into $1000 us per year packages that no serious individual developer would consider. It would be nice if someone in the community who has more time could invest in the XAML tools because I would be willing to pay,

Hey Marc,

You might want to consider looking at our Uno Platform for Figma plugin. It lets your export clean, responsive XAML directly from your Figma designs and best part is it’s free.

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