The Zoom @100% doesn't represent actual reality.... am I crazy?

See title; that’s the gist of my question.

Further elaborated: When zooming @100% it’s not actually accurate with what I see on my screen. Rather, setting zoom @83% is actually closer what’s represented to reality (e.g., on a browser!). See image attached where I’ve proved this strange bug.

This question has already been asked, but there isn’t a definitive answer. Curious to know how people deal with this.


It is going to get weird, but believe me, i think i got you bro.

Press ctrl+shift+alt+“+” or “-” to change the UI zoom.

Now the thing gets freaky:

  • Put your view at 100%
  • Hide UI (ctrl+º)
  • Make a screen shot of a part of the canvas (win+shift+s)
  • Paste it above your reference canvas

If the pasted image is bigger than reference, you have the UI zoom messed up.
Change it and repeat.

Once the screenshot matches the reference frame, your UI zoom is at a 100% and you should see objects by their real size when zooming at 100%

(Or just press ctrl+shift+alt+“-” until you cannot make it smaller, then ctr+shift+alt+“+” six times)

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Thank you!!! :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray: