The work was copied and published on its own behalf

What should I do if I copied the entire work and published it on my own behalf ?

My job Free Mobile WIREFRAME | Figma Community

Who copied it Free Mobile WIREFRAME (Community) (Copy) | Figma Community

Everything that is published to Figma community falls under the Creative Commons license…

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This license implies an indication of the name of the creator.


Could you explain what kind of license it is ?
So that in the future I will be acquainted .

Thank you in advance .

The link Peter posted has details about the license, but as tank pointed out, it’s supposed to include attribution (as I can see you’ve requested). It’s entirely possible this person didn’t meant to copy and then republish it (or was attempting to learn how to). Perhaps Figma could include some ways to reduce these types of republished duplicates. You could also use the flag as inappropriate mailto link to let them know it’s missing attribution.

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Thank you very much , you helped me a lot .

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