The way I have to set up a Share link is confusing

The process of creating a share link on a Figma document is somewhat confusing. I’m always second-guessing whether or not a link is actually viewable by someone else. I don’t know if it’s the multiple different fields and buttons and options on the share model, but it is confusing nonetheless.

I’d ask that you refine it so that it is a more seamless experience.

Thank you.

Hey! You can set the link to be viewable or editable. I don’t think the design is overly complicated, and it’s familiar coming from many other applications. What are you suggesting?


Hi Avokadomos, actually the design is very confusing not on how it looks, but on the expected behaviour.

If I set the option ‘Anyone with this link can view the prototype’ I would expect the following behaviour: the link generated, takes the viewer to see the Figma project as a prototype only. And it doesn’t. Sometimes the link doesn’t even work, or sometimes it takes you to the overall artboard. It’s a complete mess. I’ve tried this with several team members and on different computers with differrent accounts and it never produces the right result.

I want to share only the prototype with certain members in our company. But this can’t be done from this screen. This sharing screen looks easy, but it’s a disaster if you have to share it with other people then your team mates.

I’ve never had these inconsistency issues that you’re describing. Consider reporting this as a bug, as it seems like one.

Let’s approach this from the other side. How would you share a prototype with a group of, let say, test users? In my case this means the prototype (sharing) should have the following criteria:

  1. share with a group of users that don’t have or use Figma
  2. open as a prototype
  3. limit access to the prototype only and no access to other files etc.

Which settings would you use in the share menu? I’m just really curious because I can’t seem to find a decent anywhere and I’m running out of options. I really love Figma, and I don’t want to go back to Sketch, but at least there the sharing was rock solid…

If you have any suggestion, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks a lot!

The professional license includes prototype sharing permissions, which should cover that.

Thanks! One of the reasons we bought the professional licenses :wink:

So setting up should be a breeze. Which in theory it is. So if I want to just share the prototype, I expect that I have to set the settings like the below screenshot, right?


I copy the link, go to incognito mode, paste it and then it goes all “weird”. What happens is that viewers can still access all our Figma files and view every artboard. If they want to see the prototype you have to click on the Play button. So it looks like this:

While I expect it to look like:

Sorry in taking up your time. I understand that this must be a bug or an error. I will contact support about this. Thanks for your insights!

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This seems like a serious privacy issue, so yes, please do report. :frowning_with_open_mouth:

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