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The "SMALL_CAPS" and "SMALL_CAPS_FORCED" values of the "textCase" property don't update the Text Layer

The textCase API is missing two properties that the REST API offers to read:

I would like to both get and set this property, but it’s currently impossible to do so with the plugin API.

Figma Rest API
TextCase · Figma Developers

Hi @Jan_Six1, although these values ​​are not listed in the documentation, you can still use them.

Ah, I see! There seems to be a bug with styles propagating changes when SMALL_CAPS or SMALL_CAPS_FORCED are updated. The Styles do get updated, but any text layers using that style are not? It works for updating any other textCase via plugin api, though. It seems it says it applied SMALL_CAPS, but it seems to use ORIGINAL under the hood? (The plugin converts small_caps to SMALL_CAPS under the hood but you can see the correct text case being applied, it just doesn’t propagate to ui? if i do that manually it does)

It looks like this is a bug. Changed topic title and category.

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