The size of copying PNG to PPT is inconsistent

1、I copied PNG images on FIGMA and when pasting them on PPT, the size was not the size I had on FIGMA. I hope to maintain its size when pasting outward;
2、When I click on Export in FIGMA, I must click on Preview to see the exported material. I hope the preview below will be displayed directly when I click on Export.
3、Function that requires tilting vector rectangles or vector text

Hey there, regarding your first point. Have you tried to export the image as a PNG and then pasting it ?

1 - hard to say what resolution the PPT is, if you paste the image in Figma is it the same size?

2 - File > Export gives a preview

3 - Skew - I think there is a plugin

We will directly copy PNG from FIGMA in actual work and then paste it directly onto PPT or Word to increase our work efficiency. If using export, it will increase work step aggregation.

Thank you for your reply!

  1. No matter where I paste it, I hope to keep the PNG size as designed on FIGMA;

  2. Clicking on the preview still added my work steps. I hope the preview will be presented directly when I click on Export.