The section has the description

Title: Section Note Feature


  • I wish for a way to write notes or documents about a section without losing sticky notes.

So What?:

  • It helps me know the key ideas about each section without cluttering the title.
  • I can reference details easily without making the title too long or unattractive.

Now What?:

  • Implement an icon or indicator to show that a description exists for the section.
  • This allows for clear differentiation and easy access to additional notes.

Hi there, Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Section , and I really appreciate you providing the details. I believe it could be useful for other community members as well.

Please remember to vote for your idea. We’re eager to see how the community responds to this. If you think this feature is needed, don’t hesitate to vote on this idea.

In the meantime, I’ve looked through our community to see if there are any plugins that might be helpful for this, but haven’t found anything yet. Feel free to explore on your own when you have a moment:

Thanks again for your valuable input!