The 'scale' of a board

I manage small teams on Figjam, all day , every day

to make things easier, I’m trying to establish a fixed scale that the team should all work at, Im constantly being the ‘scale police’ to make sure that some folks dont make tiny things or giant things

we are an animation company, so I figured the ideal scale for us to work at would be based around a HD image size, 1920x 1080 these are the typical images. I noticed that 16 pixels in an image imports in at 1x grid unit in Figjam, so 1080 images come in a 67.5 grids height, this ALWAYS needs scaling down, as the rest of the Figjam objects are way smaller scale.

I figure 1024px is the ‘default’ digital image scale these days? but this comes in huge. You have to upload tiny images of like 256px to get them at a similar size as the ‘large’ text

we’ve settled for now on columns and rows that are 42x grid units big, this fits in better with the Figjam native scale, but we’re now always having to reduce the size of image to fit.

I was wondering how everyone else approaches scale? would be nice if there was an ‘import scale factor’ or something hidden in the settings so we could standardise the sizes that our team members each choose when importing images.


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heres an image I made whilst testing, compare small text to the average image size

everything here is the default size

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