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The PNG file of sticky notes that I "Copy as PNG" are fuzzy and changed in color on Google Slides

I right-click on a sticky note to “copy as PNG” for my presentation use, but when I pasted the image to my Google Slides, the quality is low

I checked the Figma tutorial about this and was told that exporting PNG wouldn’t reduce the image quality.

OK NEW INFO: I learned that the image’s low-resolution might be a problem of Google Slides; when I pasted the exported PNG to PowerPoint, the resolution was ideal. I think Google Slides compressed the image, but can I go around it? Thank you!

Please see the images below comparing the colors:
1. Original color on Fig Jam🥰

2. Pasted (exported) PNG on Google Slides (changed in color)

3. Pasted (exported) PNG on PowerPoint (color looks slightly closer to the original color?)

What’s the size of the image you are copying? I think Google slides accepts images up to 1600px so if you have something 800px or larger — it may be compressed by GS (copy as png 2x-es the image, add png export setting at 1x to copy at 1x).

Thanks so much for your reply, Gleb! The size of the image is quite small too, ~550k, which I learned from pasting to a PowerPoint and “Save as image,” since the PND doesn’t allow me to create an image file directly. I also noticed the change in color tone when pasted to Google slides too; not a problem when pasting the PNG to a PowerPoint or Keynote file.

The vibrant and pleasing colors of FigJam is a big plus, but it got lost when pasted to Google Slides…:confused:

Just added images :slight_smile:

I was talking not about the file size but about the image dimensions (in pixels).

The color issue is a different topic. You may be able to fix it by switching the color space in the desktop app:

Ahh, thank you for reminding me! The image dimension is 956 × 1277 (after I pasted it to PowerPoint and then saved it as an image on my Mac).

I changed the Color Space as you suggested, thanks for the pointer! However, the color still looks very different in the Google Slides compared to pasting it on PowerPoint. I now think it could be Google Slides issue?

These image dimensions should work fine, not sure what’s wrong in this case.

I now think it could be Google Slides issue?

I’d say it’s a bit of both Slides and Figma issue. And I don’t know how to fix it.

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