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The Playground file is very confusing

Some of the examples and sentences do not make sense. It is not a good tutorial, very hard to follow. It should be a much simpler step-by-step guide.

For example,

It says “add a hover” actually no “add a mouse enter” 2021-03-02_13-23-50.png

Why can’t it just say, “please add a mouse enter” instead of making me do something else just to have me change it right after?

There are other places where it asks you to do something but does not tell you how to get there or how to do it, so I cannot even complete the task it is asking me to do. This screenshot is completely useless 2021-03-02_13-29-17.png because it says “add a close action”… Well tell me how to do that. I figured it out after some time but still would have been helpful if it told me how to do that.

Thank you for this feedback! It will help us improve future playground files. If you would like to learn more about how to use the feature, I recommend checking out:

Hmm I see your point but I also see why they did it. Most of us will assume we need a hover event because that’s what we’re used to, so it’s trying to explain why you actually need mouse enter here.
That being said it’s not as effective as it could be because it doesn’t tell you to try out the prototype and figure out what’s wrong with it. It just tells you to change immediately afterwards…