The modified variant cannot synchronize the configuration parameters of the parent variant

I created a parent component and used variants to control the display of different content. However, when the parent component’s variation information is updated again after modifying the child component’s content, the child component cannot receive the updated variation information and still retains the variation parameter before modification, which is especially obvious when nesting components

This is the modified variant information:

Here is the variant information displayed by the child component:

By the way, I used two documents to manage the parent and subset components respectively, and then synchronized them through assets, but because I used a lot of nesting, I only synchronized the components at the last level. The problem was that the level was not synchronized. However, after the modification, assets can be synchronized. I thought all the properties have been synchronized

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Not sure because I don’t know the langage you use but I think you’re experiencing this issue. Properties don’t cascade to children in Figma.

yes! this is a BUG!

and this!
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