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The local font is not recognized

Why are some local fonts still unrecognized when font plug-ins are installed?

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We just pushed a fix for this. If you restart your computer it should resolve this. Let us know though if you still run into an issue after.

Hello, the same problem occurs when I restart the computer. I have encountered this situation on different browsers. :weary: :weary:

  1. Have you downloaded and installed Font Installer?
  2. Do you not see all local fonts or only specific ones?
  3. If only specific ones, which ones?

Hello, this is the situation.

  1. For example, the font OPPO sans, I installed it locally, but it was not recognized.

  2. Only some fonts cannot be recognized, such as OPPO sans.

Maybe try to download it from another place and in install in another format, for example TTF instead of OTF (or vice versa). This specific copy of the font may be broken in some way. Just make sure you don’t have two copies of the same font installed at the same time.

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