The iPhone 8 (and some others) are missing from the prototype device settings [Now Fixed]

If someone needs help “fixing” this issue, this is my route, maybe the easiest one:

  1. If you’re creating a new document, there’s no problem. You just create a new frame for your preferred device. The device will always appear on the prototype settings.

  2. If you already have a document on a specific frame and device, the prototype settings will not change so don’t worry.

  3. BUT, if you change the device option on the prototype settings, you’ll no longer be able to find it on this panel. No matter if you create a new frame with the dimensions of that specific device. I couldn’t find a way to find it.

In the last case (3):

A. I copy all the content (frames/interactions, etc).

B. Delete everything.

C. Create a new frame of your desired preset/device.

D. Go to Prototype Settings, now your device will be available, pick it.

E. Delete that frame and paste all the stuff you copied on Step A.

That way you’ll set your prototype with your desired device. Seems like a pain in the ass, but it is really quick.

Again, this is a “patch”, this bug should be fixed soon…

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Guys, don’t know if any of you noticed, but I think the “Archive” frames and devices are back again as usual.

@Robert_Bye, official confirmation?

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus frames are now back and working as normal. Thanks so much for the feedback about this, we always appreciate hearing your thoughts!


Thank you guys for the amendment! I recovered the 1% of my lost faith in Figma with this rectification. :sparkling_heart:

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Hi Robert. The issue remains with other older frames available in Design-Frame-Archive. The Google Pixel 2XL is for example not available. I actually thought this is a deliberate choice by Figma to promote iOs designs. Once I, as a user, decide to create a whatever size device frame available from Frame settings (Archive also), I should be able to present the prototype interactively. That’s the whole point about Figma, no? So that I don’t have to go find an appropriate device frame and, oh gosh, edit it in Photoshop? Please, kindly fix this issue for all available devices from archive so that designers like myself keep on working :slight_smile:

On the screenshot are prototype settings with chosen frame size “Google Pixel 2 XL” from the archive


On Design-Frame-Archive the chosen device is Google Pixel 2 XL. Screenshots made on latest desktop Mac Figma version in the same file.

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Thank you Rob :blush: :blush: :blush:

All I’m seeing is an overwhelming number of Apple options. I started my prototypes with Google Pixel 2 artboards and now the device frame is gone - just as I’m heading into client demos. Not cool. Looks like people will need to manually add this into each layout to prevent it from just being yanked arbitrarily. :rage:

I can appreciate removing older devices from new projects, but I would expect that any device frames you happen to use in your projects would be continue to be available to them.

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