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The iPhone 8 (and some others) are missing from the prototype device settings [Now Fixed]

The display size of the iPhone 8 is very versatile and I preferred it.

This morning I noticed that the iPhone 8 was missing from my prototype device settings.

The previously created documentation still has it, but the newly created documentation doesn’t have it.

Could you please bring back the iPhone 8?



Hi Koichi_Yamamoto,

The same thing happened to me a few moments earlier.

You have the iPhone 8 (plus more frames) on the last container called “Archive”. Tricky I know, but I was so relieved when I saw it there haha.

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Thanks for the reply!

You’re right, there is an “Archive” section in the Frame size settings, and the iPhone 8 is in that section.

However, what I’m looking for is the device settings for the prototype. There is no “Archive” section here, and the iPhone 8 doesn’t seem to be there… :cry:

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Oh. My. God.

That is terrible…

PD: After doing some tests, I think the device is available if you actually create or work with an iPhone 8 frame. I’m still trying to understand if that’s the way it is.

PD2: It’s only available on the prototypes that actually use Iphone 8 as the actual device. I tried changing to Iphone X for example and coming back to Iphone 8, but it is not available anymore. I think this is either a mistake or a terrible decision. I mean, I have literally HUNDREDS of projects and prototypes set as iPhone 8. I’ll probably be obligated to migrate the whole design system of my company to iPhone 5 or X… that’s non-sense.

PD3: Jesus… the more I investigate on this the more I know and at the same time don’t comprehend.

If you create a new document and a new iPhone 8 frame, then the iPhone 8 device will be selected and eligible from the list. If you change the device to iPhone X for example and then come back to the list, it will be gone.


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I share the frustration here. I also work on products in Japan and 375x667 is the most used resolution here. Not having this size available for prototype is very frustrating.


Guys, I contacted support through the app and they told me this:

*I am sorry to hear about this, however I can confirm that I’ve gone ahead and created a feature request ticket to pass back to our Product team for this.

While I can’t unfortunately guarantee an ETA, I can create a bit of discussion around it at the very least to give it some visibility. The devices listed in the device section are the only ones available at this time, the iPhone SE should have the same dimensions as the iPhone 8. *

I tried to explain that the iPhone SE and iPhone 8 share the same proportions but not the same dimensions obviously. And the worst part, iPhone SE it is not a solution regarding prototype presentations since it will cut your iPhone 8 frames.

Still, there’s a possible way to set the iPhone 8 as the prototype device, at least if you create a new document and a new frame with the iPhone 8 dimensions, but I couldn’t figure a way to make it appear when you select an iPhone 8 frame, create a new flow starting point on an iPhone 8 frame… etc.

At this point I’m still convinced that Figma made an unconscious mistake and deleted the device when moving the frame to the new “archive” section. At least that’s my wish :confused:


Thank you David37!
I respect your actions.

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Latest news guys:

“We can definitely confirm that this request has been submitted to our Product department for review.”

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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Hi there,

I work in retail technology & our app is only available to staff on iPhone 8+ devices. The ability to add iPhone 8+ device frames has been removed, would really like to find a work around without having to introduce the notch to our designs.

Or add back in the old iPhone models please.


The same thing happened to me with the Ipad prototypes (and frames). I need the typical 3:4 device (Ipad ), 1024 x 768 px and they removed.


On the latest update, I noticed that the only desktop frames I can create are MacBook Pro 14’’, MacBook Pro 16’’, Desktop and iMac. The widely-used MacBook Pro (1440 x 900) has been moved into the Archive.

I struggle to understand the logic behind this move, as it would take a few years until most users upgrade their Macs to a Pro 14’’ or 16’’. Furthermore, the MacBook Air M1 is also 1440 x 900 and there’s no sign that Apple will move away from this screen size anytime soon.

I would strongly encourage the product team to re-consider moving widely popular frames back into their right groups until the timing makes more sense.


Hi everyone, I’m Rob from the product team. Thanks so much for all the feedback above, we’re going to look into how we can improve the device frame experience for previous generation devices.

In the meantime you can find any removed Frame presets from the archive section at the bottom of the frame preset list. This includes all older iPhone and android devices, plus previous generation MacBook and MacBook Pro frames.

Once you have selected an archived frame, that device mockup will become available under the device drop down in the prototype tab.

E.g by selecting an iPhone 8 frame preset, the iPhone 8 device frame will be visible in the dropdown from the prototype menu tab.

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Hi Rob, thank you for your answer.

I was able to use the iPhone 8 device frame by creating a new document, creating an iPhone 8 frame, and then opening the prototype settings!

However, I could not use the iPhone 8 device frame by doing the above in an existing document.

I am waiting for further improvements.


@Koichi_Yamamoto Same here. I can select my preferred device frame if I create a new document, but I can’t do it on an existing document, so the topic is not solved.


Unfortunately, same here ): I hope that Figma team change this behavior so I can back to use iPhones 8 in my prototype settings again.

Waiting eagerly.


Such a annoyance & disappointment that Figma removed this but appreciate a response. Would be nice if @Robert_Bye could explain why they removed this mockup size that is used by so many people. No quantitative metrics (tracking on engagement) around each device mockup? No qualitative (interviews with users) data for this subject? Let me know if you’re hiring in the product department at Figma, I may be able to help.

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I have the same issue with the Google Pixel 2 missing in my new projects. I know its not as popular as the Iphone 8, but it seems like the issue is more wide spread than just the single device prototype frame so I wanted to add my 2 cents. Would really like for this to be available again since all of my projects are scaled to the google pixel 2 dimensions.


Hi @Robert_Bye

Any news on this issue?

Actually I don’t understand the “by selecting an iPhone 8 frame preset, the iPhone 8 device frame will be visible in the dropdown from the prototype menu tab.”

If you create a new document with the iPhone 8 preset, yes, it is viable to select the iPhone 8 mockup/device.

If you have an entire project using the iPhone 8 mockup/device, and change it to any other, you’ll lose the opportunity to come back to iPhone 8, cause it won’t be appearing anymore!

So you have to migrate everything to a new document, create an iPhone 8 preset and finally choose the iPhone 8 device?

That’s a complete disaster. This should be one of those hotfixes that appear on the Figma Releases with a 24-72h delay, but still here we are a month later…


The iPhone 8 Plus frame size it’s on archive section but the mockup doesn’t appear in the device section. So, we can’t preview prototypes on phone’s mockup :’(

I’m having the same problem with having the device appear in the Prototype Device selection.