The frame name sync on figjam when past from figma

I’ve looked at all the discussion threads, I think I didn’t miss a discussion about this topic if there was one.

Situation: The frame names are not shown when copy and paste frames from Figma to FigJam

Since so many friends requested the sync for FigJam when Figma is updated…
Can we have the frame name to be updated and synced to FigJam as well?

We received the request from our SQA team. They expect the frame name of Figma files can also be shown on FigJam; therefore, they can double-check if it’s the right page.

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Hey @Sibyl, unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. I understand this feature can be useful. I can change the category to “Share an Idea” so others can leave their feedback and vote for your idea!

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Thank you for this :slight_smile:
This is a really important feature.
or we are asked to edit hundreds of the frame names on FigJam by our own. :sweat_smile:


I really need this feature