The file was accidentally deleted by your system

Dear Figma Team

I hope this email is helpful to you.

I am having an urgent problem and need your help. I have several teams in Figma and when I deleted Team A, my personal work file was also deleted and I can’t find it in Recent Deletions.B The work content of this file is very important and urgent. File name: work. I would like your help in resolving this issue and restoring the work.

Have you checked the Deleted files folder? You can restore deleted files from there.

Thank you very much for your reply.
When I deleted my team, my recent work files were deleted by mistake along with it. I went looking in my recent deletions and there wasn’t a trace left.

You can restore the team through the email you get when you delete it

You have ‘Deleted’ tab under Drafts. Can you check there?
‘Recents’ might not be the right place.
Read more here.

Checked deleted, no traces, I suspect a bug created by deleting the team, and along with it, me as a working file deleted by mistake

Because that’s not what I do on the team.

As documentation says, Admin can restore the deleted team. Please try this

I recovered the team I deleted and then looked for the deleted files in that team. But there is no recent job that I deleted by mistake and the job was not done by me in this team, I doubt if a bug caused my job to be deleted by mistake. Is it possible to request the Figma team to help me recover my data, I have the original link

Yes, it could be a messed up bug causing delinked file from team. You should reach out to Support immediately.

This file was not made by me in this team and it is not in the recent deletions after recovery, can I request the Figma team to help me recover the data, I have a link to the previous file.

I emailed and never received a reply, this work file is very important to me and has a lot of my work in it

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Hey @l2j020908 ,
Sorry to hear you are having issue with your file!

If your file was not deleted permanently, the good news is you should be able to restore it, as we don’t permanently delete files from Figma unless you manually click “delete forever” or if you delete the team or project that the file was in. (More information in this article here)

You will be able to restore the file by opening your Drafts then opening the Deleted tab. Right click on the file and click Restore . The file will then be restored to the project it originally resided in.

To see all available files that can be restored, please make sure that you also set the “Created by” filter to “anyone” rather than “you.” You, and anyone else who had access to edit that file should be able to find it and restore it this way.

Here’s a guide from our Help Center with more information on how to delete and restore files.
Tips: The “Created by” filter might be extra helpful here, by selecting “by anyone”.

If after checking on your Deleted section, you are not able to find it, I’d recommend you to reach out to the support team with a link of your so we can have a deeper look at it by filling this form: Thank you!

Thanks a lot for your reply, I didn’t look for him in the deleted section. I just deleted the team (this workfile was not done in the deleted team) but somehow this workfile was deleted by mistake.
I have filled out this form but have not received any help, hopefully the Figma team can help me out soon, this workfile is very important to me.
The work order I requested help :#962723

Unfortunately, deleting files is quite a serious problem, especially if they are important and urgent. I understand your concern and desire to restore lost content. The situation when the deletion of one element leads to the loss of other files seems quite strange and unusual, since usually data storage systems have mechanisms to protect against such situations. In any case, it is recommended to contact Figma support with your request.

Hi there,
I see on our backend that our support team saw that your file is located in a team that was recently deleted. And they was able to restore the team from its deleted state so you should be able to see the team and the files within. Please check your inbox.

I’ve gone ahead and closed the topic here!