The ellusive new auto layout icon - what does it mean?

Hey everyone!

So this queery relates to being able to place a component into an auto layout frame but have it sit on top of the content which turns the icon in the layers panel from just a diamond to a diamond with a dashed square around it.

I was creating a design challenge for prospective employees and during this process I came across the ability to place content within auto layout frames in an unusual way. It had been some time since I had done it and can no longer remember/recreate what I had done.

I am on Windows and it was some combination of dragging the ‘Home bottom function’ component + Alt or some other function key - at the time I tested with a collegue and could not recreate what I was doing on his Macbook…

I will leave a link to the frame that you can copy out to see what I am talking about (the component with the unusual icon is the same as above, you should be able to see how it is also sat in the auto layout frame as well.) See first screenshot top component.

Figma link is here:

Should be able to copy out and have a look from your ends.

Looking forward to any responses or if anyone has any clue to either what the icon means or how I managed to get the component in there like that.

Well it’s the first time I see this. This is interesting :face_with_monocle:

It looks like the icon for “independent” corners with a instance icon inside, but I have no idea what it means :confused:

I think this is a visual bug. Since it’s an instance of a component with 3 variants. When you are duplicating the same instance it shows the correct instance icon.

Hey @Desginer7,

This was a bug that our team pushed a fix for a little while back. You can remove it from your node by selecting it and running “Restore auto layout position” from quick actions.

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Thanks Dvaliao, not gonna lie it would have made for a really good feature if you kept it…

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Thanks for the feedback! You may be pleasantly surprised in the future… :wink:


I’ve had the exact same “issue” (it’d be great as a feature just like you said) and posted it on forums. Thanks to @Antoine for pointing this thread out to me. I now feel less alone :smiley:

Looking forward to this bug becoming a feature. Using spacebar is not really enough :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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