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The draft has disappeared, although I am still an editor

Hey, everybody!

I was working 2 month on a doc in Figma. The owner is another person. He gives me an access to edit. Every day I see my project in drafts. I can’t edit a doc more (o check my last links). I also check all this stuff in web version. I’m on payable version. Owner also.

Today I can’t see my project in Drafts / Recent. I asked owner to check am I an editor still. He answered that yes. I asked to resent me invite. When I accepted invite I can edit doc for now. But I still can’t see this doc in recent / draft.

Does everyone know what is an issue and how I can see my draft again? Now I can open my doc only from notification in Figma (invite notification)

Please, Help!!!


The file has disappeared from the recent list. It’s not deleted, and you can access the file through a notification. It is not added to the recent files list again, how do I add it?

I’ve asked ‘Figma Support’ yesterday, but I still wait a feedback… @Figma_Support please help!

I also tried a lot of actions: logged out from all my devices and tried again, it doesn’t work…I can’t add current doc to my recent / draft.

@Figma_Support If you know what the issue is, please let me know asap. Because this situation was stressed for me and affects my work in the company

The support team usually replies in about a week. The files which don’t belong to you are never shown in Drafts, they can only be shown in Recent. Why you don’t see it in Recent is a good question, I don’t know why that could be. But you can always open the file via a link if you are an editor.

“Recent” folder is not a very good way of “storing” your files. For optimal collaboration, I would suggest creating a team and moving your file there.

I agree, that I can open file via link, but as a designer I need to see current file in Recent. It is convenient and simplifies work. Yesterday when I opened Figma and don’t see my file in Recent I was honestly stresses, because it’s my 3-month work.

I have a payable account and I think it is not entirely correct application behaviour, that I can’t see my file at one moment…

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I agree with you, this is not the application behavior anyone wants to see, so reaching out to Figma support team is the correct action by you.

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Same thing just happened to me, save a file in my draft and finished editing today and I restart my system and the draft and all the work is completely empty :sob::sob:

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