The delete key now HIDES and doesn't delete an object? Are you out of your minds?

So here we are with yet another idiocy that someone had in their mind and someone let this happen. I know people tend to delete things but I saw something in the search bar there was an idea for a modal to popup making sure you want to delete something. Don’t know if it was for an object or what… nevermind.

But making the delete key HIDE things instead of deleting is outrageous in terms of usability! First you made shortcuts with the use of AltGr which should never be used for shortcuts (fortunately, I have just checked, you can actually write łóśćżźęą and they are not shortcuts, so one idiocy gone), and now THIS?
What is next, you will make the escape button save your work as a local file?

And you are surprised Adobe bought you? I guess it wasn’t their idea to make the delete key hide stuff?

If I want to delete something I literally hit DELETE and it should do it! Even if an object is in the design system, it should detach itself and be deleted! You can make the modal optional (like “never ask” or something) but HIDING? With a DELETE KEY? Are you out of your minds???

Wow, you really don’t care, do you?

One month and then the idea is gone? Woooow… can’t wait for Adobe to get here and clear up this mess!

I’m not sure what keyboard or settings your using, but when I hit Delete, It deletes and there is no modal or anything.

Never had this situation that you’re saying.

If it’s in a component it won’t delete. Detach if in a component and try again. You can only delete elements from the main component or a detached instance

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