The Color picker tool bug - it loses color preset when using it

On 19 Aug Friday, this annoying bug appeared and has not been fixed yet. I work with colour presets - they are rectangles with assigned colour presets. I select a rectangle, go to the right panel, select a colour preset of this rectangle, click Edit style and use the tool “Color picker” to refine a new colour. And after using the “Color picker” tool - the selected rectangle loses its presets and becomes a rectangle without any preset. I need to use the colour picker a lot, and every using it - the sample rectangle loses its presets! I hope Figma will fix this soon.

Color picker bug is not fixed yet. Using the Color picker tool on a selected component with a color preset makes this components lost its color preset. So we get a new color preset and we lost this color preset on the selected component. Our selected component has no color preset anymore after using the Color picker tool. And this situation is potentialy dangerous because this component lost its color preset and gone rogue - it not can be managed by this colour preset and most of us even don’t nocice that.

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