The casual user

Hi - I’ve been a ifgma fan for a while now and sketch things in here from time to time. I’d love to pay to keep your lights on - so many great companies disappear that I like.

I’d like to know where your $3 dollar plans are for the person who can’t find a business case/use for your product but want to support. 12/45 plans are fine for those who can work it into their flow & profit but I’ll bet there’s a million people out there that want to support you that arent…

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I’m with you Sean. There are many non profit or personal uses for this app. When you think of it, life is also a project where you must plan, collaborate, organize, sequence and execute. Baking a cake, going on a vacation, launching a club or church project, etc. These all share the same elements as building a product for sale. Make the price right, and you will pull many more users in.

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