The 3:4 (1024x768) Ipad is missing from the prototype device settings

I need to make a prototype using a 3:4 ipad device and I can’t find it. I think Figma had it before. (1024 x 768 px or 2048 x 1536 px)
Can you put it back please?
At least, include a “custom device size”, in order to keep the “on tap” interaction.

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What is the reason to need more presets? Wouldn’t changing the Slide 4:3 to landscape from portrait not accomplish this?

Because using Figma Mirror, can’t match the prototypes with 3:4 Ipads.
You can use Custom sizes, but then the interactions change from “On tap” to “On click”.

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Vote here:

This isn’t a perfect solution, but you can change the preview the prototype device to a larger tablet and retain the tap versus click interaction. It isn’t perfect, but it might solve the immediate problem. It would be nice to have that option to set our own sizes and device presets.

If you have access to an actual tablet, I would try the prototype mirror share app.

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