The 100% zoom trouble

as you can see in the screenshot attached below, that’s how my 100% zoom level looks like, which is too ridiculously zoomed in. I don’t think this is the natural 100% zoom level on your computers as well. When figma instructors on YouTubes set it to 100% zoom, it looks perfectly fit to their figma environment. Can anybody PLEASE help me out with this ?
PS: I’m using the standalone desktop version of Figma.
THANKS in advance…

What’s your monitors size?
What’s your frames/artboards size?
How does it look in preview mode?

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Hey there, Dear Dennis, Sorry for the late reply…
My monitor size is 1900X1600.
My frame is usually 1920X1080 (but the problem occurs in every situation).
It looks too zoomed-in on preview mode.
Can you help me figure that out, Please ?

That’s weird and I have no clue to be honest.

Do you have the same issue with the web app?

I never faced that issue.

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That’s alright, I’ll try to develop a way to adapt to it.
Many thanks, pal …


Are you referring to Figma’s UI or your design? I don’t see anything out of place.