Text styles not automatically suggesting/exporting to Zeplin?

Hey folks,

Has anyone here experienced text styles not automatically being suggested when exporting to Zeplin?

I’ve followed this guide here but still seem to have issues with the text styles coming up: Exporting text styles from Figma | Zeplin Help Center

For context here is what I’ve done so far/what I’m experiencing:

  • Have installed the latest Zeplin plug-in for Figma & have the most up-to-date version of Zeplin (Zeplin 3.21.1). I’ve created a new Zeplin project as well which has no existing style guide.

  • I’ve added in a variety of text styles with names in my Figma file.
    Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 5.34.54 pm

  • Here are the Figma to Zeplin export settings.
    Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 5.36.00 pm

  • When I export new screens to Zeplin, I can’t see any red dot indicating that new screens/text styles/colours have been added. See screenshot below as an example:

  • Have tried turning off/on my computer but still no luck.

Hoping someone can help! Thanks!

You can make Zeplin suggest the styles again by clearing the cache and the sync history of the plugin (The red buttons at the bottom of the plugin window)

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Had this same problem recently and realised the Zeplin plugin only pulls in local styles, so if you have an external library attached they wont be recognised. This would be a nice feature request for the Zeplin plugin to recognise external libraries and shared styles being included in the upload.
We got around this by creating an artboard around the colour & typography styles in the shared library and adding that from a local style guide to a global one in Zeplin. Then link the global style guide to the project and you should be good to go.