Text styles applied in CSS, but not in the Design Panel

Hello dear community,
the other day, all text styles (from a shared library) got detached from the text boxes in our layout files. At least they are not linked in the Design Panel. They are still visible in the Inspect Panel, though.

Text Style Bug - Screen Recording

I’ve already tried a few plugins to automate the relinking, but i haven’t had any success yet. E.g. “Design Lint” doesn’t detect the text boxes as problematic, because the plugin probably finds a text-style in the CSS.

Any idea how to restore or easily relink the text boxes to the styles in the Design Panel?

Actually the styles were not detached. This behavior happens when you add objects from missing libraries. Please see this Help Center article on how to manage missing libraries:

Also your link is not available due to invalid permissions. Please set up the correct permissions.

Thanks! Actually there was some back and forth with publishing/unpublishing the library, but no updates have been made of those changes in the project files.

Also the Library Modal doesn’t show anything about missing libraries. And the styles are actually there, as you can see in this screen recording.

Thank you for the video. Could you check the style IDs? I think they will be different.

  1. Select the text layer whose style appears to be detached;
  2. Open the console, paste the following code and press Enter:
  1. Apply the same style you showed in the video and run the code from step 2 again.

You are right! Different IDs.

Any idea how to fix this without relinking everything manually?

Unfortunately, I don’t know what changes were made, published, etc., but judging by the different IDs, the original style was removed from the library and a new one was created.

Therefore, I see 2 ways: restore the original style in the library or apply the new style in your working files.

We tried to roll back the library and even the project files, but so far no luck. But thanks again for your insights, it was still very helpful.