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Text style inheritance from other text styles?

Hello, I can’t find a way in Figma to inherit font family in a Text Style, from a different text style.

I have 30 different text styles, all using the same font family, but different properties, sizes, etc. If want to change the font family do I have to manually update it in all my 30 styles?

I’m hoping text styles can be based on other text styles, an inheritance concept like in CSS, or Affinity Designer’s Text Styles, which can be based on other master text styles.

Thank you!

This isn’t possible in Figma. You can use a plugin such as Batch Styler by @Jan_Six to change multiple styles at once.

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I see. Thanks for the advice, I’ll look into that plugin.

Also hoping Figma will consider text style inheritance, it can be quite a time saver.

Feel free to vote for and add your ideas to this feature suggestion: Use styles in other styles