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Text style changes not updating

I changed the font and some of the sizes of the text styles in my foundations library file, published it and then updated the other files containing components and designs.

I noticed that it did not update. In some components the instances got the updates, but not the main component. Also many of the text boxes outside the components was not updating.

I tried the quick action “Recompute text layout in selection”, and it worked on many, but not all. The only way to do it on the remaining is to select all text boxes and add the same text style to it in the right panel. This makes it very time consuming to update the designs.

Anyone else experiencing the same problem?

If this is a bug I hope it can be fixed very soon because the whole purpose of text styles is ruined if they don’t update.

@Alice_Holm are you using Batch Styler Plugin?

It’s a known bug, some relevant threads

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