Text shifting in interactive mode

Suddenly, my prototypes which were absolutely fine are all messed up. The first time you interact with something, its text shifts position a couple of pixels to actually be placed where it should’ve been in the first place. This has made a mess of my prototypes, text shifts at different times as you hover and click your way through. It happens at the most basic level, with just a simple hover on a simple button. This wasn’t happening 2 days ago…

No one?
This is a massive issue that makes all prototypes look clunky. Nobody else has suddenly stumbled upon this problem?
As you can see on the video above, the problem only happens the FIRST time you interact. From there on the text stays where it should even with further interactions.

I’m in shock that there hasn’t been a single reply to this.
13 days later and without me doing anything, the problem is fixed.
As good as this might seem, it is NOT.
It doesn’t feel me with confidence to be using software that randomly misbehaves and to have absolutely no explanation from any official source as to what might be the issue.

• Should one try to fix the problem?
• Should one ignore it?
• Is it a bug?
• did I do something wrong?

Hardly the questions that create a good user experience…

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