Text override displays incorrectly

Hi. I’m building an accordion via variants. After changing the text of the instances and viewing it as a prototype, the text is getting mixed up. When any of the accordions are open the header text changes to the last header. How can I keep the title text consistent?

Name these three instances differently.

I tried it, but didn’t work

Can you share an example file link then?

This is my first post. Anytime I try to paste the link to the project here, the forum will not allow it. Am I doing something incorrectly?

Try to paste it not as a link, but as code or “as is” mode.

This is the file

Thanks for the link to your file. I edited it and now it works as expected.

I added Auto Layout to:

  • Selected variant of the Accordion Bars component;
  • Collapsed, One-, Two-, Three-selected variants of the Accordion component.

Fantastic. Thank you very much.

I’m a little new to Figma, so curious if you have any thoughts on this…Why do you think adding auto layouts impacted the text like it did?

To be honest, I was surprised myself. I noticed a problem when switching component variants, and in order to solve this problem I applied Auto Layout. But this also resolved the text override issue.

Interesting. Thanks

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