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I have created a tooltip with text and autolayout. It expands as text is added/deleted as it should. This tooltip hovers over the label of an input field. Is it possible to have this expand upward (in negative Y) as text is added? That would maintain the prescribed alignment and padding in relation to the label.
If I pull the text layer out of the component it does expand upward as it’s set to “align bottom”, so autolayout is overriding.

It’s possible, but it’s silly.

Create your tooltip as an auto-layout frame containing your text and your bubble tail (absolute position), if you have one.

Tooltip layout alignment: Center, Bottom
Text alignment: Align bottom
Tail: Center, Top

Now take the whole tooltip frame and rotate it 180 degrees so it’s upside down.

Then select your text layer and change its rotation from 180 to 0. Same for your tail, which you’ll need to reposition to the bottom of the tooltip.

Now your tooltip will expand upward.

Thanks Jake. That IS a workaround and appears to be the only option. I’d like to have that and a Drop Down out of the box for my Figma wish list. Thanks again.

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