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Text effects (stroke/color) do not copy paste between drafts

As the title says, I cannot seem to copy and paste Text between drafts. When I paste it, it loses any effects such as stroke, font size or color information and pastes as a simple black text.

However if I Group the text or put it in a Frame, then copy/paste those, then it works.

This seems like a bug, and I tried to file one, but I was not able to follow the steps on this page:

Yeah definitely seems like a bug. What do you mean you were not able to follow the steps? What difficulties are you facing?

Steps 2 - 4 of the bug report section did not produce the results the steps were claiming.

That’s weird. Anyway, you can also use this form: Submit a request – Figma

I can confirm the issue. Still not sure what causes it or how to reproduce…

Try this workaround: Duplicate the text layer and CUT instead of copy.