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Text bullets have a mind of their own

It seems Figma can’t decide whether it uses bullet characters (bad choice IMO) or real bullets, see for yourself:


If I start typing in the last line it converts the bullet char into a circular bullet, but I can’t fix the one in the second line. Sometimes even the bullet size is different. Look here:

I was expecting at least some feedback from the Figma guys, this looks like a bug to me.

Seems I’m still talking to myself… Anyway, there’s also this: Bullets are bold if the text is bold. That’s not how bullets should work IMO.

Similar problems with colors:

I’m with you here. Bullets aren’t useful in their current iteration. There is no control over the bullets themselves.

Not to mention, they should Auto-Convert to a bullet everytime i type “” And then when I turn off the bullet, it removes the “1.” It’s an endless cycle of not being able to turn them off, and keep my number.

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I recently ran into the issue where Figma decides to colorize a bullet because of nearby text color; but then sticks stubbornly to that color no matter what I do with the text.