Text and behavior in variant components change in presentation

The text and click behavior changes in Presentation:
(UX intent) This is a step by step overlay loading and selecting different services before closing the overlay.

Here you can see the Variant flow setup, where the “Find Services” button changes the next variant below. Also in the following Variants the “Update Services” buttons close the overlay.

But what happens in Presentation mode is the “Find Services” button somehow takes on or becomes the “Update Services” button, not only its graphic text but also its close overlay behavior…

(I tried to upload the Presentation shot here to show the result, but this forum won’t allow it?)

Driving me nuts cuz this is a dark version copy of a light version that works fine (so I know it can work). And I’ve rebuilt it twice with the exact same results…

Anyone have any advice here?

Here is the Presentation shot from above…

Hi, Mr Holland
The buttons “FIND SERVICES” and “UPDATE SERVICES” themselves are variants of an unique main component right?
Maybe there are behaviours set to them in the main component?

Or maybe figma is recognising them as the same button in the 4 variants you presented, since it only appears one of them at a time.

What I would do and it may work is: let both buttons in the 4 variants but hide the ones you dont want to show with the “eye”. Figma will know that there are 2 different buttons and not “think” that there’s just one that changes position and state.

I’m not sure if that’s the problem but I hope I can help you.
Let me know if anything changes.

Ok thanks… its a good work around – problem being they exist in an Auto-layout so adding another one (even if its invisible) will increase the overall size of the dialogue.

So that work around won’t really work

What I don’t understand there is how Figma is swapping a button I’ve defined only in the Presentation mode. How can it override something I’ve explicitly created for another?

What makes it worse is this is just a dark color version of something that already works perfectly… The light version I made (changing the colors manually on a copy), works, and this dark version doesn’t (so I know my original construction works fine).